Happy Birthday Harry - July Reading Challenge Wrap Up

In honour of my recent re read and Harry Potter/JK Rowling's birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to finish off my little series of reviews with the Ultimate Harry Potter book tag - courtesy of WhyMermaids on youtube.




Favourite Book

Would have to be Deathly Hallows, purely because I love how it ties the whole series together. It answers so many open ended questions and finishes the series off so beautifully. I loathe that so many of my favourite characters died, but in the end, I think JK Rowling did what was best for the series and made the danger/sacrifice element a lot more believable by doing so. After re reading the series, I have such a renewed appreciation for all the books though; it's difficult to say they're not all my favourite.


Least Favourite Book

A bad Harry Potter book does not exist! I don't think I could possibly write one of the books off as my least favourite so I think I'm going to have to say: Philosopher's Stone. Before you come at me with pitchforks and torches blazing, I say simply because it's not long enough and I want more of magic that the first book brought everyone - the introduction to the wonderful world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts and magic.


Favourite Film

As much as I adored Prisoner of Azkaban (marauders yay! Sirius yay!), I would have to say that Half-Blood is my favourite. It has some amazing comedic relief despite the dark tone of the books. Also, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) does an incredible job with the character development in this film; the film makers really hit the nail on the head with his casting. 


Least Favourite Film

Definitely Deathly Hallows: Part 2. I know, I know, it was epic and the cinematography was amazing, but you'd think by splitting the last book into two movies they could have included a bit more of the Dumbledore backstory! I really didn't like the Battle of Hogwarts (I mean WHAT, Harry and Voldemort clinging onto each other in a weird hug zooming around the castle in the middle of the battle?) it wasn't true to the book at all in some respects and I just didn't think it did an amazing final novel the justice it deserved. I mean come on! Deathly Hallows would have been an incredible movie with its original battle scenes! 


Favourite Quote

Anything by Albus Dumbledore. Probably: "There will come a time where we must decide between what is easy, and what is right." I do also love the motto for Ravenclaw - wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure because I do think that's a truism.


Favourite Weasley

Fred and George definitely. I couldn't choose between them.


Favourite Female Character

So many incredible female characters to choose from! I think Hermione would have to be my favourite, not only because I can relate to her extremely well, but because she is so beautifully created and developed as a character. I love her intelligence and how she's not ashamed of being smart or bookish. 


Favourite Villain

I would say Draco Malfoy, but I just don't think he's bad to the bone enough to be a villain. I would have to say Bellatrix Lestrange. So crazy, evil and dedicated to the cause it's creepy. You can't help but sort of be in awe of her.


Favourite Male Character

Harry. Before my re read I definitely would have said Sirius, but I think I have a renewed appreciation for Harry after going through the books again. He definitely has some serious flaws, but in the end he develops from child to angsty teen to mature leader so well I can't help but feel so attached. 


Favourite Professor

Lupin, for sure. No need to explain why, Remus Lupin is so awesome.


Would You Rather: Wash Snape's Hair Or Spend A Day With Lockhart?

Wash Snape's hair. He's a greasy git but at least I'd be doing him a favour. 


Would You Rather: Duel An Angry Molly Or An Elated Bellatrix?

An angry Molly. I think if you didn't threaten her family, she'd actually have mercy.


Would You Rather: Go To Hogwarts Via Flying Car Or Hogwarts Express?

Hogwarts Express definitely! 


Would You Rather: Kiss Voldemort Or Give Umbridge A Bubble Bath?

Give Umbridge the bath so I could drown her at the same time.


Would You Rather: Ride A Broomstick Or A Hippogriff?

Broomstick! I want play Quidditch!


Is There A Character You Feel Differently About In The Movies?

Definitely Dumbledore. I feel as if the Dumbledore in the movies is less flawed than the Dumbledore in the books and I sort of like him less for it. The movie Dumbledore is very commanding and almost angry in some ways. I love how the book Dumbledore is calm, collected and not afraid to show emotion. He is a very flawed character and that makes him realistic and relatable. 


Is There A Movie You Prefer To The Book?

No way.


Richard Harris Or Michael Gambon As Dumbledore?

Richard Harris - He was far more true to the Dumbledore I envisioned in the books.


Top Event Or Person You Wish Was In The Movies?

More Dumbledore backstory! More Fred and George! More marauders! More everything!


If You Could Remake Any Movie Which Would It Be?

Deathly Hallows! Especially the battle of Hogwarts!


Which House Did You First Feel You Would Be In?

Ravenclaw, because I value intelligence so highly and I also think one of my greatest flaws is being a bit too superior and sanctimonious. 


Which House Were You Actually Sorted Into?

Gryffindor! Which was so weird because I thought if not Ravenclaw, then definitely Slytherin because I am fairly resourceful and career driven. So being in the house with the brave at heart, I was very shocked!


Which Class Would Be Your Favourite?

Charms or Transfiguration. 


Which Spell Do You Think Would Be Most Useful To Learn?

Expelliarmous! So useful for getting rid of your opponents weapon! Or Finite Incantatum to stop any of those nasty spells carrying on forever. Or Stupefy. I can't choose.


Which Character Would You Instantly Be Friends With?

I would love to be a marauder. Imagine having James, Sirius and Remus as mates - you would have the best time at Hogwarts. Never a dull moment!


Which Hallow Would You Want The Most?

The cloak! The wand is too dangerous and the stone only really temporarily brings back the dead! The cloak is definitely the most useful and safest Hallow.


Anything In The Books You'd Change?

The epilogue. I don't love who the characters all ended up with. I also would change the Ginny/Harry relationship because I think it's possibly the only thing in the books which is a bit contrived.


Favourite Marauder?

100% Sirius Black.


Which Character Would You Bring Back To Life?

100% Sirius Black. Although, Fred comes a close second.


Hallows or Horcruxes?

Is this a joke - Hallows of course.